Our Mission

The Ark City of Refuge is a registered Non-Profitable Organisation( NPO 037 341) and PBO -930011791 which provides a loving and caring temporary home, food and clothing to destitute, homeless, abandoned, abused, unemployed women, children and men.

Our Objectives

Through Christ-centred teaching, counselling, work therapy, social service assistance, education and life-skills programmes. The Ark seeks to restore a person’s dignity and self-respect and to return them to the mainstream of society, equipped, restored and filled with their God-given potential.


The Ark City of Refuge opened its doors in 1992 in response to the extremely high rate of homelessness and unemployment in the Western Cape. It is unique among organisations and is probably the largest one of its kind in South Africa. Since our inception, some 65,000 people have walked through our gates in need of help. Currently we average about 950 people. Women 205, Children/youth 264 and Men 475.

Our People

They are referred to us by:

  • Social Services
  • General Hospitals
  • Department Of Home Affairs
  • Shelters
  • S.A. Police Services
  • Correctional Services
  • Trauma Centres
  • Rape Crisis Centres
  • Religious Institutions
  • Business Sector
  • Public Sector
  • Families

Others arrive at our gates from the streets, foreign African countries as well as from families who have given up on their loved ones.
They are from all walks of life and are made up of different races, cultures and creeds. Among them are street children, the destitute and abused, the terminally ill, drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, H.I.V./A.I.D.S. sufferers, unmarried single mothers, single women, the list is endless.

Services Provided

One cannot resist having feelings of thankfulness and humility as one reflects on the evolvement and progress of the Ark City of Refuge and its work over the past 25years. It now boasts the following facilities, all on the same premises.
  • The Ark Christian School: A registered Primary & High School (Grades R to 9)
  • Youth Girls & Boys
  • Single Ladies, Mommies Section, Frail Care
  • LAMBS Educare
  • New Jerusalem Restoration Centre
  • Men’s Camp & Frail Care
  • Our Kitchen : providing +/- 3000 meals a day
  • Maintenance
  • Skills Development
  • The Farm

In addition to the above, we provide the following:

  • Spiritual Counselling
  • A voluntary 3yr certificated Bible School Course
  • Adult Literacy
  • A vibrant sports department and comprehensive Youth Development Programme
  • Life Skills Training
  • Fifty day Introduction Course in the Word of God
  • Parental Skills Training & Child-Care Training
  • Transportation to the Hospitals in the Peninsula, Applications for I.D documents, grants & pensioners

Community Services

We provide relief and semi-permanent work and general assistance to various schools, early learning centres, churches and families within the community. In addition, we assist crèches, churches and soup kitchens and other service providers in the community with food, clothing and other household items.

Donors / Benefactors

The Ark City of Refuge has donors who support our cause in the form of physical and financial support thereby expressing their faith in our work.
  • Churches
  • Wholesalers & Retailers
  • Service Clubs
  • Business Sectors
  • Individuals: local & overseas
  • Hospitals & Health clinics
  • Cape Town Central City Partnership

Would you like to start a partnership with us?

If you would like to donate some other way or offer gifts in-kind, please contact us.