The Ark Kitchen


When the Ark opened its doors in June 1992, our kitchen started out with a primus stove and a pot, and the faith that the Lord would supply the necessary ingredients in order to feed the people that would come to the ark for assistance. As the number of mouths to feed increased, large stoves, pots and other utensils were supplied to meet the needs. We now have 2x140litre oil pots, ovens, a deep fryer and even a walk in fridge.


The Kitchen Staff consists of 2 teams of 13 permanent volunteer staff that include 2 cooks per team. For the preparation of vegetables (peeling, cutting and washing) other residents (between 15-20 people) help on a daily basis. The day starts at 5am and often only finish at 7pm. Each team works 1 day on and 1 day off.


We prepare approximately 3000 meals a day, 365 days of the year. We have relied on prayer and God’s answers to our prayers to make sure that the residents have never missed a meal. Food donors include, private individuals, churches and food suppliers.


The kitchen also has the privilege to help other non-profit organisations to help others in the community by supplying food to them when we have an excess. We support local soup kitchen, crèches, old aged homes and battling households in the community that are living below the bread line.


During the year there are some special functions held at the Ark, where the gifts and talents of our staff rises to the occasions to produce fitting meals for these special events.

Would you like to start a partnership with us?

If you would like to donate some other way or offer gifts in-kind, please contact us.