Skills Ministries

Comprises of a group of young men who came from the communities, and those with drug and alcohol addiction. They are placed into this section to help them develop a trade, so that they can become productive members of society and support their families. They also follow the Restoration Centres (New Jerusalem) programme.

Maintenance Team

This is an important arm of the Ark and consists of 6 Handy Men who do their work with such humbleness and inspiration. No job is too big or too small for this team to handle. They work efficiently as a team, and do their utmost to ensure that The Ark is maintained at all times, assisting with plumbing, electrical work or wherever keeping The Ark in tip top shape.

Sewing Room

Our sewing room is also part of our skills ministries and various skills are taught in this department. Ladies (or men) are taught the basic skills of working with a sewing machine, bead work and fabric painting. This will empower them to be able to go back into their communities and start their own business or apply for jobs knowing that they have gained the experience needed to be able to support their families

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