COVID 19 Appeal – Lockdown…Not Shutdown!

  Lockdown…Not Shutdown 

COVID-19 has changed all our lives. But for the homeless – One of society’s most vulnerable groups, they have no place to keep safe, some cannot access crowded shelter facilities, food is scarcer, and they’ve no access to places that adhere to personal hygiene standards.

They need our assistance now more than ever and we need your help.

Due to strict lockdown protocols, we’ve had to reduce our services. However, during this time our running costs remain the same, yet our incoming is dropping. We are losing revenue through various initiatives which has been a key source of income, we can no longer receive donated items and our cash donations have begun to decline…..

The Ark City of Refuge which provides short term accommodation for our Residents is operating with strict lockdown protocols, overseen by our very capable and hardworking supervisory teams. Our gates continue to be a daily meeting point for the hundreds of people from the surrounding Communities who rely desperately & specifically on our Food Outreach Programme – Our Kitchen is preparing more than 3 500 meals a day daily for distribution.
So please, if you can give a Donation, however small, it will go a long way to supporting us and the people living in dire circumstances through this exceptionally difficult time.

Your cash, food or clothing donations continue to assist us to provide food and short-term shelter & as well as restoring some Hope & Dignity.

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If you want to get in touch, please send us a message through Messenger or or WhatsApp Sean @ 076 237 7117                                        or WhatsApp Jack @ +2782 787 5993